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The title is self-explanatory - Random Maze Generator is a procedural randomized maze generator with gameplay elements that players can select from. Gameplay options include: 

TRAP DOORS - Avoid random pitfalls that litter your path!
KEYS - You must find the key hidden within the maze before you can exit through the other side!
TREASURE - Collectible treasures are scattered throughout the maze. Find as many as you can before leaving the maze!

This game is a personal project of mine that I have been working on to better my own technical skills as a game programmer. There are a few bugs in the current build that I wish to iron out in the near future and an additional gameplay system (or two) that I might implement in the future. It's still somewhat of a work in progress, but I hope people can enjoy what's here right now!

Install instructions

Simply unzip the files and click on the green game icon! Have fun!


Random Maze Generator Game.zip 23 MB

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